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Adam's Story

DC1Adam has cerebral palsy and is a powered wheelchair user. He is passionate about accessibility for all and to raise money for a new wheelchair he has been completing a series of wheel power challenges. Last July he attempted to drive his wheelchair from Cheltenham to Manchester over three days. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties he broke down 20 miles outside of Birmingham. After solving battery problems he reattempted this on Sunday 10th May 2019. He successfully drove his powered wheelchair from Birmingham to Manchester in only two days!
Take a look at this article in a recent edition of the South Wales Argos - and this report and video in the Gloucestershire Live website.

Adam also volunteers for a charity working around the Gloucestershire and Midlands areas that teaches wheelchair skills to children. Adam says: “being able to inspire these children to be the independent people I know they can be is a real honour for me’’.
After receiving support and advice from the Remap Gloucestershire panel, Adam has decided to fund raise for Remap by undertaking a wheel power challenge this July!

Remap would like to congratulate Adam for completing his wheel power challenge and for supporting our work.

Remap Gloucestershire wins National Award for Dancing Wheelchair - 2017

StudentRemap’s annual national awards 2017 included 8 different categories. We are proud to announce that the 2017 Wolff Award for electronics has been awarded to the Dancing Wheelchair that was designed and made by Martin Davitt and Tom Bradley from Gloucestershire Remap for National Star College, Cheltenham.

The college was made aware of a development in the USA of a Rolling Dance Chair, which uses sensors under the seat. This known aid gave the college a wish list for such a chair to encompass a greater variety of students with various disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc.

Unlike the American chair which only provided dance movement for a very limited number disabilities, the Gloucestershire remap panel was contacted by the maintenance department of National Star College on behalf of the dance studio to explore the possibility of giving dance movement to a wider group of students.

The college provided our panel with a mid-wheel-drive wheelchair for this project, to enable as many users as possible and taking in all disabilities with or without the full use of their upper bodies, and limited body control.

InstructorAfter consultation with Star College's performing arts group, in order to give more disabilities access to the Dancing Chair, it was decided to add controls for the wheelchair movement from gyro sensors attached to the performers arms and/or head. This will allow the use of the chair to all but the most severely disabled students.

Although the Dancing Wheelchair is now being used with great success by Star College, there is an ongoing project using a donated wheelchair to improve the performance of the chair. Watch this space for version 2 of the chair!

Check out the short video made by BBC Gloucestershire. You can also listen to Martin Davitt's interview by BBC radio Gloucestershire...

REMAP Gloucester wins National Award for helping local disabled athletes - 2015

Remap’s annual national awards include 7 different categories. We are proud to announce that the 2015 award for Sport, Hobbies and Recreation has been awarded to the throwing frame that was designed and made by Peter Vielvoye from Gloucestershire Remap for the young athletes at Cheltenham Athletics Club.

Group shot of throwing chairsGarethAfter the tremendous success of the 2012 Paralympics it was decided to rationalise the seated throwing rules for disabled athletes. This meant that existing seats no longer conformed to the new rules and there was a need for a new design that did.

In 2013, Gloucestershire Remap panel were asked by Cheltenham Athletic Club if they could help. After much consultation and research a new seat design was manufactured for their budding young paralympic athletes. Following the success of our first seat, we have now manufactured and individually tailored seats to suit the needs of 4 of their athletes and two more are 'on the production line'. The picture on the right shows Gareth Picken competing at The English Disability Age Championships in Bedford where he achieved a personal best, attributed by him to his new seat but I am sure he had a big hand in it to. The picture on the left shows Gareth in the middle with two of the other athletes proudly sat on their seats.

Read what Gareth and his father have to say about the throwing seat and Remap Gloucestershire by following this link.